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 Accepted: Kyle (warrior kmn) here!

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Accepted: Kyle (warrior kmn) here! Empty
PostSubject: Accepted: Kyle (warrior kmn) here!   Accepted: Kyle (warrior kmn) here! Empty13th March 2010, 11:35 am

Runescape name: Warrior Kmn
Combat Level: 68
Total Level: 760
Highest Skill: Mining (62)
Favorite Skill: Mining
Are you currently in any other clan?: No, I'm free from contamination
Can we use your name for runehead?: Yes, I don't own a account on it though
How did you find out about us?:
will you follow the rules?: I will follow and never faulter in following the rules
What is rule 4?: Insanity is a must! (copied straight from the page by II Pina II)
Tell us a bit about yourself: I'm a runescape addict who is moderately sick of having no one to talk to. I love increaseing my skills or money, and helping other on rs. I'm on as much possible (whenever i'm not at school, or at home). In total I own over 1 mil in cash on rs. I'm low temperd, rarely bored on here, and love to be random / slight crazy. I'm a free player though, never been a mem. I'm a more laid back person, though you can sometimes gues otherwise. My patience is typically high, however it can dwindle quickly opon certain situations. I'm always obediant and know my place. I typically will stick with newer users if anyone calls them noobs, it's so anoying. *Sigh* Is that good enough? Ok, consider allowing me. Smile
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Mr Nate O
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Clan Leader
Mr Nate O

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Accepted: Kyle (warrior kmn) here! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Accepted: Kyle (warrior kmn) here!   Accepted: Kyle (warrior kmn) here! Empty16th March 2010, 6:37 pm

Welcome to LOS!!! I hope you enjoy your time with us!!
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Accepted: Kyle (warrior kmn) here!
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