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 A quick list of Morphic Tool (stealing creation) Exp Rates

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PostSubject: A quick list of Morphic Tool (stealing creation) Exp Rates   13th August 2010, 2:18 am

I found this on the forums, thought it might be useful to post here for quick and easy reference.

Quote :
±¥± Morphic Tool Experience Table:

- SC Hammer (Smithing): Will last 64k Smithing exp

- SC Hammer (Con.): Will last 50k Construction exp

- SC Harpoon (Fishing): Will last 23k Fishing exp

- SC Hatchet (Woodcutting): Depends on tree being cut
o Normal: 25k
o Oak: 27k
o Willow: 33k
o Maple: 40k
o Teak: 40k
o Mahogany: 61k
o Eucalyptus: 38k
o Yew: 33k
o Magic: 33k
o Ivy: 35k

- SC Pickaxe: Depends on Ore being mined
o Clay: 14.4k
o Iron: 17k
* Coal: 15k
o Gold: 15k
o Gemstone: 14k
o Granite: (roughly) 15-35k
o Addy: 18.4k
o Rune: 8k

- SC Fletching Knie: Depends on Bow being fletched
o Oak longbow: 76k
o Willow longbow: 76k
o Maple longbow: 76k
o Yew longbow: 76k - 93k
o Magic longbow: 93k

- SC Needle: 43k


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A quick list of Morphic Tool (stealing creation) Exp Rates
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