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 Brewin' beers for profit

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Clan Friend

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PostSubject: Brewin' beers for profit   Brewin' beers for profit Empty28th August 2010, 1:03 am

Wrote this ages ago. Figured I could spread the love and put it here too. Tweaked a bit here and there to keep it up to date. Any mistakes just lemme know.
If you also need Trouble Brewing people just gimme a in-game PM.

Brewin' beers

Hello and welcome to my guide on brewing your own beer. I've found it to bring in a fair bit of money for very little effort. Once finished you sell these at the GE for max. They're highly sought after by herbalists who don't bother wasting their money training, or wasting their time raising their stats with evil stews. I'd time how long this task takes, but you could just take my word for it. If you take longer than 8mins all up you're doing something wrong.

Now according to you'll also get cooking xp from this, a whole 281xp per brew. And you can do roughly one sometimes even two brew runs per week, 2 each run. Golly, imagine how much xp you'd get in a year!!
[Imagination is a relic of the past, it's 29,224xp. Also Santa isn't real.]

How to start:

Bottom line, you need to quest.
Do these:

Between a Rock... - Free access to Keldagrim
Ghosts Ahoy - Free access to Port Phasmatys
Cabin Fever - Access to Mos Le'Harmless

Level reqs:

29 Cooking (gasp!)
And whatever the quests above require

Items needed:

Brewin' beers for profit 100615233735

So what's this "stuff", what makes them think it deserves a title like "The"? Why not "Mr Stuff"? Can I skip getting it?
Sadly no you can't. It's obtained as a reward from the Trouble brewing mini game. In short annoy the group chat when there is greater that 6 people in it.

I'm also assuming you've already got brews on, ready to be collected. If you don't forget the glasses and it's 4 barley malt, 4 buckets of water instead of 2.

First brew kit:

Start at the GE, along the west wall you'll find a trap door. Go down and travel to Keldagrim. From where your cart docks, run north to the pub.

Brewin' beers for profit 100615235454

First add the water, then the barley, THEN THE STUFF! Don't skip this as you'll have to drain it and start again. Next add the harralanders. Now you need yeast.

Here's how you get it:
Brewin' beers for profit 100615233821
Brewin' beers for profit 100615233842
Not feeling stupid bringing those coins now, eh?

Add it finally and your brew will start to ferment. Use your pot on the dwarf again to refill your pot with yeast.

Second brew kit:

Stop your dillydallying and use your ectophial to teleport to Port Phasmatys. Run south through the gate, then SE past the pub (unless it's your first time) to the bank. Spam-click your way through pointless dialogue to open your bank account, take out another 2 barley malt, 8 glasses and run back NW to the pub. Go down to the trapdoor once there.

Brewin' beers for profit 100615234022

First add the water, then the section above?

For those who only have access to Port Phasmatys, well you only get half the profit. You'll also need a Ghostspeak amulet and 10 ectotokens for yeast here?

Step3: ???. Step 4: Profit!

Each brew location you visit gets you 8 glasses or two kegs. So you visit both Keldagrim and Port Phasmatys to get 16 glasses or 4 kegs.

Brewin' beers for profit 100615235057
Brewin' beers for profit 100615235305
Remember you're doing this twice. Mm, twice.
Taken 16 June 2010.

More up to date prices:
Glass prices.
Kegs prices.

Q. How long does the brew process take?
A. Varies lots, and I'm positive that's because the duration has been updated several times. Just check every 3-4days (I keep a reminder in my notes), if it's not done after that check once a day until it is and then tell me how long it took you.

Q. Will calquat kegs work just as well?
A. Glasses for now still get a good profit. I've been keeping an eye on kegs and very soon they will be the way to go instead.

Q. Where do you get supplies?
A. Barley either still does or used to sell instantly in the GE, glasses are infinite supply from Sorceress' shelf in Al Kharid. Can run back at forth between there and the Shanty Pass chest and stock up. Buckets and pots from the general store. Gp was from begging...

Q. I looked at the GE graph and saw they crashed.
A. That's not a question. Follow the graph and you'll notice they got bought back up again and are still rising. Sometimes they sell instantly for min, sometimes max. You really worried about losing 20k?

Q. Dis woz our lil secrt, y ru telln ppl?!1
A. Shut up merchant, and stop ruining my game.

Brew History Log:

Understand I don't check the brews every single day, just when I feel like checking them. So these day lengths are close to, but by no means the exact amount of time. The time to finish brewing may be even shorter at times. Mature brews are the norm, so I'll only mention when they don't come out as a mature batch.

Start date-End date, Total days between checking, Location (- Optional regular/bad brew)
Jun 9-16, 7days, Keld - regular brew
Jun 9-18, 9days, Portp - regular brew
Jun 18-22, 4days, Portp - bad brew
Jun 18-22, 4days, Keld
Jun 28-Jul2, 4days, Keld - bad brew
Jun 28-Jul2, 4days, Portp - regular brew
Jul 2-7, 5days, Keld
Jul 2-7, 5days, Portp
Jul 7-11, 4days, Keld
Jul 7-11, 4days, Portp
Jul 11-14, 3days, Keld
Jul 11-15, 4days, Portp
Jul 14-18, 4days, Keld
Jul 15-18, 3days, Portp - regular brew
Jul 18-22, 4days, Keld - regular brew
Jul 18-22, 4days, Portp
Jul 22-26, 4days, Keld -regular brew
Jul 22-26, 4days, Portp
Jul 26-29, 3days, Portp
Jul 26-Aug2, 7days, Keld -regular brew
Jul 29-Aug2, 4days, Portp -regular brew
Aug 2-5, 3days, Keld
Aug 2-5, 3days, Portp
Aug 5-9, 4days, Keld
Aug 5-9, 4days, Portp
Aug 9-14, 5days, Keld
Aug 9-14, 5days, Portp
Aug 14-19, 4days, Keld
Aug 14-19, 4days, Portp

So obviously not mature all the time, but it's at the very most 15mins in your week. You got a method that earns more in that time frame?

Version history:
16/06/2010 - FAQ updated.
15/06/2010 - Guide released in a half awake-half asleep stupor.
18/07/2010 - Brew history added.
28/08/2010 - LOS forum friendly now, updated FAQ, typos, few GE links added here and there.
01/09/2010 - More brews added to history log, grammar fixes here and there.

NubsBenedict: Pictures and all written text. Providing guides. And taking all my criticism about the majority of them not being up to date.
Runescape: Making the game?

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PostSubject: Re: Brewin' beers for profit   Brewin' beers for profit Empty29th August 2010, 5:43 am

Great guide, made me chuckle. Ill be sure to try it soon
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Clan Friend
Clan Friend

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PostSubject: Re: Brewin' beers for profit   Brewin' beers for profit Empty30th August 2010, 12:03 am

This guide makes me want to try this out. Very well written. =)

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Red Beret

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PostSubject: Re: Brewin' beers for profit   Brewin' beers for profit Empty30th August 2010, 12:28 am

how much can you make from this roughly a hr? sorry if its in the guide somewhere and I just missed it.

Brewin' beers for profit Phatsig

Brewin' beers for profit Random_siren
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Clan Friend
Clan Friend

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PostSubject: Re: Brewin' beers for profit   Brewin' beers for profit Empty31st August 2010, 11:15 pm

Not really a "per hour" type of thing, more comparable to doing kingdom.

Broken down to it's basic elements it's a 50% chance (maybe higher) of making 800k-1.6m a week, while spending maybe 15mins of time all up? If that doesn't make sense I really dunno how else to explain it.
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PostSubject: Re: Brewin' beers for profit   Brewin' beers for profit Empty4th September 2010, 11:02 pm

This is a great guide Smile I think ill be trying this soon!
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PostSubject: Re: Brewin' beers for profit   Brewin' beers for profit Empty

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Brewin' beers for profit
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