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 The Story Behind LOS

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PostSubject: The Story Behind LOS   The Story Behind LOS Empty18th February 2010, 8:05 am

Legion Of Spirits was founded one the 29th of May 2009 by our dearly beloved Stu and Kitty, within no time at all LOS grew to be a fun and interesting place to be with its kind and helpful members and the few insane asylum escapees. After much time had past sadly Stu, Kitty and the newest clan leader Stef could not keep up with the work due to real life issues so on February the 18th 2010 (II Pina II), Mr Nate O and Chan took over this wonder clan and now its even crazier then ever!

Legion of Spirits is a clan for mains and skillers. We do some combat related events, but for the most part we are a peaceful group. We (as a clan) do not participate in clan vs clan wars. (unless you want to challenge us to a skilling war) Very Happy

Join us today and have the best time playing runescape! and meet lots of new people
Just remember.. We bite bounce
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The Story Behind LOS
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