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 99 Firemaking Guide

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PostSubject: 99 Firemaking Guide   16th March 2010, 5:43 pm

This is a Pretty Simple Guide But It Get's The Time and What To Do Down
Where to burn? I really suggest the G.E, Falador East Bank or If you want Mage Exp Burn at Varrok and Tele to the middle Etc..
What to Train on
1-25 Normal Logs (Try Just cutting in Lumbridge forest and Burning) Time- 10-15min, Log Count 200
25-40 Oak (Buy them if you want or cut them) Time- 29-30min, Log Count 490
40-50 Willow Logs (Try Cutting them in Rimmington and burning or Buy them and burn them) Time- 45-50 Min, Log Count 715
Okay Now for your choice of what to do... Suggest Buying All Logs From Here
50-70 Maple Logs Time- 4:45-5 Hours, Log Count 4,715
70-99 Yew Logs Time- 61 Hours, Log Count 60,725
50-99 Maple Logs Time 96 Hours, Log Count 95,810

Yew Way Time - 66:15 Hours, Log Count 67k
Maples Way Time - 97:50 Hours, Log Count 97k

Post if Anymore Questions
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PostSubject: Re: 99 Firemaking Guide   16th March 2010, 6:44 pm

Sounds like the biggest waste of money in the world Razz but still a good guide for such a skill as that other than just "Buy logs and burn em"
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PostSubject: Re: 99 Firemaking Guide   17th March 2010, 3:45 am

Do your calculations include flame ring + gloves or using the Barbarian assault horn?


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PostSubject: Re: 99 Firemaking Guide   17th March 2010, 8:51 am

This is the basic route with no item boosters. I used adze, fire ring and fire glove. It was much faster as I got 99 wc and had less actual of doing the firemaking activity itself. Also gathering maples from kingdom is a good way of doing this, Sell the seeds and burn the logs and you can potentially also profit(potentially).
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PostSubject: Re: 99 Firemaking Guide   

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99 Firemaking Guide
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